Acer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax var. villipes Rehder

Scientific Name: Acer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax var. villipes Rehder

Classification: Plantae/ Tracheobionta / Spermatophyta / Magnoliophyta / Magnoliopsida / Rosidae / Sapindales / Aceraceae / Acer L./ Acer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax var. villipes Rehder

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General Information
Usda SymbolACFLV
Life CyclePerennial
Growth HabitsTree
Native LocationsACFLV

Plant Guide

Use a soil moisture meter to monitor the soil moisture where Acer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax var. villipes Rehder is planted.

Plant Traits

Growth Requirements

Temperature, Minimum (°F)-18
Adapted to Coarse Textured SoilsYes
Adapted to Fine Textured SoilsNo
Adapted to Medium Textured SoilsYes
Anaerobic ToleranceNone
CaCO3 ToleranceMedium
Cold Stratification RequiredNo
Drought ToleranceLow
Fertility RequirementMedium
Fire ToleranceNone
Frost Free Days, Minimum200
Hedge ToleranceNone
Moisture UseMedium
pH, Maximum6.5
pH, Minimum5.0
Planting Density per Acre, Maxim700
Planting Density per Acre, Minim300
Precipitation, Maximum65
Precipitation, Minimum40
Root Depth, Minimum (inches)24
Salinity ToleranceNone
Shade ToleranceTolerant


Resprout AbilityNo
Shape and OrientationErect
Active Growth PeriodSpring and Summer
C:N RatioHigh
Coppice PotentialNo
Fall ConspicuousYes
Fire ResistantNo
Flower ColorYellow
Flower ConspicuousNo
Foliage ColorGreen
Foliage Porosity SummerDense
Foliage Porosity WinterPorous
Foliage TextureMedium
Fruit/Seed ConspicuousYes
Nitrogen FixationNone
Low Growing GrassNo
Leaf RetentionNo
Known AllelopathNo
Height, Mature (feet)50.0
Height at 20 Years, Maximum (fee30
Growth RateModerate
Growth FormSingle Stem
Fruit/Seed ColorRed


Vegetative Spread RateNone
Small GrainNo
Seedling VigorMedium
Fruit/Seed Period BeginSpring
Seed Spread RateSlow
Seed per Pound7000
Propagated by TubersNo
Propagated by SprigsNo
Propagated by SodNo
Propagated by SeedYes
Propagated by CormNo
Propagated by ContainerYes
Propagated by BulbNo
Propagated by Bare RootYes
Fruit/Seed PersistenceNo
Fruit/Seed Period EndSummer
Fruit/Seed AbundanceHigh
Commercial AvailabilityNo Known Source
Bloom PeriodMid Spring
Propagated by CuttingsYes


Veneer ProductYes
Pulpwood ProductYes
Post ProductNo
Palatable HumanYes
Palatable Browse AnimalLow
Nursery Stock ProductYes
Naval Store ProductNo
Lumber ProductYes
Fodder ProductNo
Christmas Tree ProductNo
Berry/Nut/Seed ProductNo
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